Wednesday, February 27, 2013

St. Patty's Day Kid Project

I got the idea for this project while searching Pinterest for anything St. Patty's Day themed. I saw this project and really liked the idea. I told Matt I wanted one with both our hand prints on it and he said "no" faster then he's ever said it before! Maybe when we have kids he'll do dorky crafts with me.

So I help out with an after-school activity day for girls at church. They wanted to do an art project so I decided to have fun with them and exclude Matt completely!

First I already wrote out the saying "I'm so lucky to have you" in different sizes and fonts for the girls to choose from. You can pick any saying, obviously, but I liked that the word "lucky" was included.

Then I had them add four-leaf clovers in thumbprints to different parts of the paper. I used card stock to be sturdier and so the paint wouldn't soak through.

It was very simple to do. Have the kids dip 1 thumb in the paint and then rub their two thumbs together. This makes sure the paint isn't too thick so you can tell it's a thumbprint and so it doesn't take all day to dry! Then with your pinkie finger dipped in paint, drag out from the center to form a stem. 

Once they were dried we doodled all kinds of festive things on there like leprechauns and rainbows. It was a lot of fun! I wanted to get stickers or things to add. Here's my final project:

It's nice to craft like a kid every once in a while. And I don't get the chance unless I have someone else's kids around! I would still very much like to make one with Matt and I's hand prints making the clovers like it shows on the link, I think that would be very cute. One day when he owes me a HUGE favor I might call it in for this!

I'd love to see pictures if you do this craft with any kids for St. Patty's Day this year!

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  1. Those are cute!! thanks for the great idea! St patricks day is the last day of the pinball festival so me and my kids will be very busy, but this is really simple and we can do it in the hotel room. Perfect! :)