Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cookie Cupid!

For the past few days I've been baking cookies. The triple chocolate chip cookies from my previous blog, that you can view here, and also a ton of sugar cookies. Literally, a ton!
My table gets so messy as they all dry. Armed with Valentine cookies I made a list of 10 families, made some cute plates, and headed off! Over 4 hours of driving and visiting later, the Cookie Cupid has delivered as much love as she is going to this year! It was a fun day! Yet another day this weekend where I found something to take the place of homework! Here's my passenger seat covered in 10 plates of cookies prepared to find new homes!


  1. I wanted to have a baking extravaganza, but I didn't have enough people to share it with. Looks good!

    1. i really should have baked a lot less; there's too many left over! haha! and i've eaten a bunch today!