Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pick A Blog!

Hello, readers, and happy Sunday! I have a few blogs in the works, some that are done and I'm waiting to post, and another I have all the pictures for and just need to write. But here's my question to you: what do you want me to write a blog about?

A story you want me to tell?
A specific recipe?
A book review?
Movie review?
Picture post?
Cleaning or organizing tips?
Party Theme?

Just leave a comment of what you want to hear from me (if you have a blog I'll attach a link as a shout out!) and I will get going on it! In this game everyone is a winner; some might just win faster than others. Unless it's super inappropriate, I will make a post off every request.

Have a great rest of your weekend! What's left of it, anyway...


  1. I do not know why this didn't work! I want a craft blog!! I love your craft stuff and I am not crafty or anything, so I love seeing how awesome you are. lol

    1. sounds fun! any specific craft? if not i'm going to do a bookmark paper craft. :)

  2. I would like one about how you and Matt met/ended up married.

    And anything Harry Potter. And why Matt doesn't like Snape. Who does that?

    1. how fun! i would LOVE to write about how matt and i met and got married! it's super cute! :)

      and harry potter would be great, too! i'll have to pick out a few different things and space them out. i don't think matt hates snape, i just don't think he loves him the way i do!

      thanks for the ideas! i can't wait to do these!

  3. How about a home decor craft for St. Patrick's Day? I haven't updated my blog in a while but here is the address:)

    1. st. patty's day, huh? :) i actually have zero decorations for that so i will find something just for you! :) thanks for the idea.