Thursday, February 21, 2013

Movie Review: Dr. No (1/23)

James Bond has recently celebrated his 50th anniversary and came out with this really fun box set.
So, of course, Matt and I get the box set on Blu-ray and have started to watch them all. Dr. No is the first James Bond movie released in 1962. The plot is a super simple one: James Bond goes to Jamaica to find a missing buddy and ends up going to an island where Dr. No lives with his evil plot to stop the US space program. Poor Dr. No, he didn't live to see his work accomplished...

I got a fun perspective to seeing Dr. No for the first time because it happened the day after I saw Skyfall for the first time. I assumed that the personality of James Bond would have evolved over the years. Although I can't say it stays the same throughout, I can say that Sean Connery lived up to what I wanted James Bond to be. The way he interacted with Moneypenny, the way he flirted with women, he's not afraid to get his hands or suit dirty, and he took me on crazy car chases. 

Look at his crazy eyebrows! They are so long! 
Just for the sake of keeping a tally of the female running gags; the "Bond Girl" in Dr. No is named "Honey Ryder" and she spends the majority of her time on screen in a wet white bathing suit. But, hey, I guess I'm just not male enough to appreciate her. Bond also slept with 3 separate women this movie, one of which he knew had tried to kill him twice so it was awkward. Here's Honey in her one non-bikini outfit:

Here's a scene from the very intense car chase scene.

Another fun thing about Dr. No: Sean Connery is very afraid of spiders so in the scene where a spider crawls up him there is a stunt double, or a sheet of glass. The glass is very obvious because the spider isn't really standing on anything. It was great. 

Overall, super entertaining if you can get past the lack of technology. I can't, but I can laugh at those things! See you after the next James Bond!

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