Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Pacifier Holders

These might be the easiest and cutest craft for new babies! Once you get the hang of it you can have matching pacifier holders for any outfit! They are simply pieces of ribbon and suspender fasteners held together with hot glue on one end and velcro on the other. Very easy, anyone could do it!

I got these at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. But if you know a cheaper place please share on here! I'd love to be able to make dozens on them! 

Make the ribbon as long or as short as you want but keep in mind some people attach it to the baby's clothes and some to the car seat. So I kept mine just a little bit longer. Hot glue the end with the suspender fastener because you don't want that end to come off. Or if you want to make a set where they can alternate ribbons, use velcro on both sides. Put velcro on the other end and leave a large enough loop to be able to hook around the pacifier. 

Just think of all the stylish babies! 

Dollar Crafts - Felt Tote Bag

Ever wanted to give a lot of kids presents and not sure what to get them? You can either get tote bags already made at the dollar store or buy bulk colorful ones at Hobby Lobby (I use a 40% coupon and the bags come out to be the same price).

Once I have a stack of tote bags I just cut up felt pieces and hot glued them on. Super fast, fun, and cheap craft! You can either give them to kids or let them decorate their own, either way they will love them!

"Butterfinger" Candy

I don't know about you, but I have really loved getting on board with this whole using crackers as candy thing! Not that crackers are any more healthy than candy, but it certainly is more fun! Here's a great way I found to make homemade Butterfingers. Be careful: you will eat ALL that you make!

Simply make a mini peanut butter sandwich out of Cheez-Its and put them in the freezer. This was the most time consuming part and started to get annoying. Hold out! It will be worth it! 

After they have been in the freezer a while, melt some chocolate chips or candy to use for coating. 

Once they are coated, put the candies back into the freezer to harden. 

Everything is ready! You now have a pan full of bite sized candies that taste just like Butterfingers! I kept mine in a bowl in the frig to keep the chocolate from getting soft.