Saturday, February 9, 2013

Batman Wreath

Me: "Hey, Matt! Which Valentine wreath should I make?"

Matt: "Why don't you make a craft that's not lame, like a Batman wreath?"

Me: (ignoring the sarcasm) *light bulb* "I SHOULD make a Batman wreath!"

Matt: "No, don't make that."

Me: "No, seriously. Here's what it would look like."

Show Matt a quick doodle.

Matt: "Okay."

And so the Batman wreath idea was born.

Now I was very excited about the idea of making a Batman wreath. Our apartment is already pretty nerdy and I thought it would be super fun to make. After a google search for "batman wreath" to make sure no one else has done this idea I bought everything to make Matt his manly Batman wreath!

This might be the most anyone has every said "Batman" and "wreath" in the same blog. It's starting to get annoying. I'm going to try to say it less.

Luckily for me I already had a crafting date planned with a friend of mine. I still made the Valentine wreath I wanted, but then I planned to also make the previously mentioned wreath as well.

I got the idea for the Valentine wreaths on Pinterest, where craft ideas are born. You can find it here. They were super easy and fun to make!

Pretty much if you know how to wrap yarn around a wreath and use a printer and scissors, you don't need directions for either of these wreaths. I'm willing to bet the majority of people have mastered those three things. Once the argyle wreaths were done I moved on to the really exciting one! Warning: it did not turn out as good as it was in my head, and after gluing everything I thought up ideas to make it better, but I wasn't about to start it over that day. So, here's Batman:

I have ideas now for a lot of different comic book or superhero wreaths, but I should probably branch out and do more than just wreaths.