Friday, February 15, 2013

Reheating Tips

We always have leftovers. From dinners, restaraunts, everywhere! Heating up leftovers in the microwave can leave your food soggy and a little gross but using the oven can dirty up a lot of dishes! Which is one of the only upsides to eating leftovers: no mess! I've gotten a little lazy over the years and when I reheat leftovers in the oven I make these little pans out of foil. I just fold the foil in half, to make it sturdy, and give it edges. Not that it really needs edges, I just like the way it looks. And it's crazy how sturdy it is!! Some people put foil over a pan, but depending on what you're heating up, sometimes your pan can still get a little greasy. This solves everything! Enjoy your leftovers!

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