Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pinterest Fail

Who here doesn't like Pinterest!?


Just kidding. But, seriously, everybody loves Pinterest. In one form or another. Even if you're Matt, my husband, and claim to hate it just out of manliness. Guess what? He still loves the stuff I make from Pinterest. If you take out the middle man, even Matt loves Pinterest. And if that's true than EVERYONE loves Pinterest! And don't try to deny it!

Every love relationship pisses you off every now and then. Stupid fights happen over who loves who more, and bigger fights happen over who gets control of the TV tonight. But the worst fight is when Pinterst shows you something amazing, in such a good looking picture, and you get burnt (sometimes literally). Sure, I should be blaming the original blogs here, and don't worry, they'll get there up and comings in the end.

I had an amazing night planned where I would make an entire meal, from start to finish, in mugs! I know, right!?! It was going to be awesome! And it started out great! We had meatloaf in a mug as our main dish. I already posted a blog with that recipe here, you should go try it! But things got a little crazy. I made Mac and Cheese in a mug. I should have taken a picture of what my microwave looked like when I first opened it, but I freaked out a little instead. Here's what the mugs looked like:

Nasty overflowing awkward gross mess. No fun. The original recipe is here in my Pinterest board. I haven't deleted it, yet.

Moving on to dinner we made a chocolate caramel mug cake. Sounds amazing, right!? And it really should have been. Here's the problem; I'm pretty sure the blogger did not make it the way she said she did because there was about 2 times, if not more, the batter than there should have been! My very recently cleaned microwave was now having cake better dumped in it and cooking to the tray. I kept having to open the microwave and scoop out the spilling over batter. Obviously it didn't cook evenly, all the caramel fell to the bottom, and all the sea salt found each other in this crazy scary bite that happened towards the bottom.

We did eat some of it, but it was not that good and we ended up just eating the plain caramels.

Not a good night for Pinterest recipes. But here's my promise to you: I will make these recipes work and post a blog with an actual recipe that has been tried and eaten! I think that's the problem, I think people post a blog with a recipe even if it sucks just because they got a good picture out of it. I'm going to start be completely cutting the cake recipe in half and see what happens. And the Mac and Cheese will be trial and error. See you soon, caramel cake and mac and cheese, you'd better behave next time!


  1. sounds like a PLAN! I am looking forward to trying them when you figure them out! :)

    1. me, too! i want to mess with a few other mug recipes and create a few of my own!