Monday, March 11, 2013

Balloon Bracelets

This fun craft idea is less than $5 to make and good for younger kids around 8 or 10 years old, at least that's the age that I made them with. 

Make these colorful elastic bracelets out of cut up balloon animal bracelets. 

I cut off each end- the one with the edge and the closed off end. 
Then I cut them into fourths. 

Cut a piece of elastic to be a little bigger than you want- wrap it around your wrist and have it overlap but 1-2 inches.
Tape one end to the table and have the other end loose to add balloon pieces to.

Add balloon pieces onto one end scrunching them up as you go.

Tie elastic together and trim the edges. 
Then shift the balloon pieces around to cover up the knot. 
Spread out all the pieces to make them even. 

This takes a little longer for children to do and could be frustrating, 
but they all liked the finished product! 

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