Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Monthaversary!

A month ago today I wrote my lame first blog introducing myself. Since then I have made 31 posts, received 24 comments, had 606 blog views, and I'm not sure how to tell how many times things have been posted on Pinterest but I know I've seen a few on there. That's really exciting!

It's been a fun month! Thank you for reading and sharing and especially for commenting. Feedback is the all time best part! If not I'm just talking to myself.

I appreciate everyone who has given me ideas for blogs and they are all in the making if not already done. I should finish the rest of my suggestions in the next week including the story of Matt and I, Harry Potter things, St. Patty's Day house decorations, and some crafts.

On top of those suggestions I have another James Bond review of Goldfinger, a post on Gilgamesh, a book review of The Night Circus which was amazing, and a few fun treats and food posts.

Wow, that's a busy week!

Thank you, again, for reading! If no one ever read I would be discouraged and never write. And I really enjoy the writing part!

If you feel like interacting with this post tell me a favorite or least favorite thing about my blog. Or something you wish I did differently. Or a post you want to see in the future. Or just tell me my blog is lame and I should stop all together; a month is enough!

I found out recently that I don't know how people can get notifications when I reply to their comments, but I want you to know what I do write back to every comment on here.

Thanks, again!

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