Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Harry Potter

A while back a posted a blog asking what my readers wanted to see. That was a whole month ago and I'm still trying to go through all the ideas! I still have a few more coming. Feel free to add any comments to that blog about what you want to read.

My friend Jes has a blog IDK MY BFF Jes that's super fun. She requested anything Harry Potter. This was hard for a reason: I couldn't narrow it down! ANYTHING Harry Potter!? What do I do? Pick a favorite character? A favorite part? Talk about how addicted I got to the Lego Harry Potter game? Show off my many shirts that are reverences? Why I both love and hate the movies?

I decided that instead of getting specific I would keep this first one general. Why do I love Harry Potter? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came out while I was in High School. Does that make me old? I was waiting to be picked up by a friend and to kill time I picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the first time. I was never a big reader before, only books that were school assignments before this point.

Here's what happened: I fell in love with books! I fell in love with reading! I read through as many books as I could and in between releases I read anything. Sadly in those days I was dumb enough to get books from libraries so all of my favorite books from those days I don't own. A few big ones that stand out are the Vampire Chronicles and Mists of Avalon, I'm sure there's more but like I said: I got them from libraries.

Harry Potter gave me something no other book could do: it gave me a love of reading that has followed me through my entire life. That love of reading has turned into a love of writing that has turned into my college degree choice that is shaping my future. I can pin-point all of those choices back to picking up that book and reading it on a couch on my front porch waiting for a movie showtime.

And more than that the story of Harry Potter is amazing! No one can argue that. If you think you can I am willing to bet you've only seen the movies and never read the books.

Here you go, Jes and all other readers, why do I love Harry Potter? Because it changed my life!


  1. That was such a sweet Harry Potter love story!

    My first HP experience was seeing Goblet of Fire. My friend had an extra ticket, so I went. And then I loved it. I didn't really become a potter head until after college. My friend suggested I read the books, and that ignited the obsession. My only regret is that I didn't get in on this sooner so I could go to all of the book and movie release parties!

    1. i wish i got into it sooner, too. i like that so many movies out i can say i read the books first and i can only say that with half the harry potter movies.

  2. I have been to every book release party since Goblet of Fire came out. I read the first 3 from the library, then finally broke down and went to buy them and then they asked if I wanted to pre-order the Goblet of Fire for the midnight release. I bought two, one for me and one for Mom. Every midnight release after that I have bought two books, one for me and one for mom. I love the fact that when I talk to people about Harry Potter I can tell them that I fell in love and have read all the books before the movies came out. The books and the board game gave me a middle ground to bond with a sister I never got along with before in my life, and gave me a common ground to bond more with my mom as well. And whenever my hubby was tired and wanted to fall asleep to the sound of my voice he would start asking me about Harry Potter and I would keep talking well after he was asleep. :) It is common knowledge in my house that when i am reading book 5 everyone steers clear of me and lets me power through it (I love the book but the frustration rubs off on me and I am worse then PMS touchy. lol) but I still read them all in order no matter what. :) I don't have a bunch of themed shirts or video games (although I would love one of the shirts you are wearing in that picture! that rocks!) but I love the books and have all the movies. Although when I watch the movies I mentally fill in some of the gaps from the books. :)