Friday, March 1, 2013

Ice Cream Bar Date Night

The other night Cold Stone had a dollar scoop day. I signed up for my local Cold Stone's texting club so every now and then I get deals sent to me. It's very exciting cause I love getting a bargain! Free food is even better, but most of that happens on my birthday week. Any other time that Matt and I have taken advantage of dollar scoop day, we've each just picked one flavor, but this time I did something a little differently; I got 6 different flavors!

These are just the cute little cups. Sure, I could have gotten WAY more for a dollar just a few doors down at King Soopers, and those would have come with stuff inside of it. But I thought this was more fun! When I got home I got to work adding fun things to each ice cream to make 6 very unique ice cream sundaes. Here's what I came up with:

Chocolate ice cream with mini M&Ms.

Mint ice cream with traditional mini chocolate chips and some chocolate syrup on top.

Blueberry frozen yogurt with graham cracker and chocolate drizzle. 

Banana ice cream with toffee bits, white chocolate chips, and caramel drizzle.

Oreo creme ice cream with 2 whole Oreos. 

Salted caramel frozen yogurt with a caramel candy crushed up and caramel drizzle. 

All the flavors were really good! The blueberry tasted like blueberry pie. The salted caramel was my favorite flavor but the consistency was weird with it being a yogurt instead of an ice cream. Matt loves most things with Oreo in it. And the banana mixture was fun; it had the most in it and tasted like a banana split. 

All in all a fun date night! Before trying this be sure to check with your significant other to see if eating so many random flavors all at once sounds good to them or not. I did not do this... Poor Matt. 

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