Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day - Fun With Food Coloring

It's hard to make a holiday like St. Patrick's Day special for children, or anyone, if you aren't Irish or a drinker. There's one sure way to make it special and it's super easy and cheap: food coloring! I really enjoy what a few drops of food coloring can do to a treat or meal. Today I made my cream cheese for bagels green, milk, and my waffles! Trust me, kids will really love it and it's so simple! 


  1. I'm not Irish, or a beer drinker, so I love this! It's so simple...and yet I never would have thought ot it. I should have dyed my eggs green...or my pasta. I did have green beans, but those are naturally green.

    1. naturally green things are also good. we had mint chocolate chip ice cream. :)