Wednesday, March 20, 2013


What's Easter without Peeps?!? Seriously, there's no such thing! At least when it comes to the treats. Here's a creative way to enjoy your Easter Peeps: in popcorn!

Pop your popcorn brown paper bag style! Be sure to pick out all the leftover kernels so you don't kill yourself later. I slowly poured the popcorn from the bag into different bowls. 

Put your Peeps in a pot. They will look really sad, but do not give in to their cute faces! Just add some butter and stir a lot so it doesn't burn. Once their faces melt you won't feel sad for them anymore. Pour on the popcorn, mix, and dump on parchment paper. 

I took the time to make the mess 3 times to get all the different colors, but this was very time consuming so unless it's for a party, don't waste the energy. But it looks impressive and fun! And if you start with yellow and go darker you might not have to do dishes (there's a little blue in my pink mix). 

Once you let it cool a bit go through and brake them all apart into smaller pieces; it will be like mini popcorn balls. Then you can dump them all in a bowl and enjoy! We ate all of this in one sitting... 


  1. These is cool!

    But honestly, I'd end up eatting all of the peeps on the drive home from the store. I have a problem. Now I want some...and cream eggs...and a milk chocolate hollow bunny.

    1. HaHa! Easter candy is dangerous! Too much good stuff in one holiday. If I were to do it again I'd probably just add food coloring to marshmallows and leave it at that. Then eat the peeps, too!