Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer Challenges

Here's a few challenges from friends, family, and me that I want to try this summer and a little into the fall. Or at least try to try! Matt is starting his rotations and two in a row will be rural so for 12 weeks he will be living away from me. These challenges will keep me busy and branching out and hopefully happy while I'm a lonely person living alone for 3 months. Here's the challenges I've been given, a lot from myself:
  • Go vampire hunting DONE! You can view the blog here
  • Try GeoCaching
  • Bake a fruit pie This was a lame idea, I don't even like fruit pie! Not sure what I was thinking! HaHa
  • Make everyone's homemade Christmas gifts DONE! You can't see the gifts, yet, but I talk about the process here.
  • Go to Pagosa Springs and see Mesa Verde National Park and the Hot Springs Instead we adopted a dog, Miles, and we don't have the money for me to go visit, as much as I would want to. 
  • Go to the Denver Aquarium
  • Ride in a hot air balloon (this is a long shot) Not this summer...
  • Little Man Ice Cream
  • Go to the mountains
  • Trip to Texas Yep! I went and made a Smashbook about my experience 
  • Create my own mug dessert 
  • Post a Star Wars blog
  • Beat Lego Harry Potter 2
  • Sew a skirt from a pattern 
  • Read a fiction book I finished the first 3 mortal instruments books. 
  • Read a church book
  • Read a nonfiction book 
  • Try a restaurant I've never been to before HuHut, Mimi's Cafe
  • Paint a picture 
  • Go on a hike
  • Pet an alligator This would have happened on my way to Pagosa Springs which was canceled because I'm poor! 
  • Go to a sports event Done! I went to a baseball game in Texas and a lacrosse game here in Denver
  • Write characters at Disneyland and see if they'll really send an autograph back
  • Actually start writing my book
  • Make a bird feeder for my balcony
  • Volunteer 
  • Let the waiter pick my entire meal
  • Make a new friend A super fun girl moved in next to my building! 
  • Hand write letters to a bunch of relatives
  • Lose 25 pounds by my birthday / stick to a workout routine I set up a workout routine and started it, view it here.  I suck at this stuff... 
  • Learn to bake popovers 
  • Harry Potter movie marathon
  • Bake a lasagna
  • Do a science experiment 
  • Sew headbands
  • Test out Dr. Who and see if I'm a fan or not I watched all of the season with the 9th Doctor this week (May 20) and I'm already pretty much hooked. So GOOD!! (August) I'm totally addicted and love it! 
  • Go meatless for 5 days
  • Read a comic book
  • Take the math assessment test at CCA I'm enrolled in a math class now in school. 
  • Post the story of how Matt and I met for Jessica, I owe her :) I wrote this blog already here
  • Go fishing This is based on someone else taking me and teaching me. I had someone in mind but I'm not sure anymore. 


  1. Some considerations:
    -Have the waiter pick your entire meal when you go to the restaurant you've never been to. I almost always do this, and I've never been disappointed.
    -Harry Potter is a 20 hour marathon if you're watching all 8 movies. Try the Harry Potter workout if you want to combine this with your fitness goal.
    -For church books, I recommend everything by Truman Madsen.

    Have fun!

    1. Thanks! Good advice! I really should work out during the marathon. I bet I could knock a lot of the other things off my list during that marathon! Haha!