Monday, August 26, 2013


Last Saturday, Matt and I drove out to Castle Rock to go to the Buddy Center with the Dumb Friends League. We weren't sure what was going to happen and we weren't completely set on adopting a dog that day. Matt was leaving Tuesday for another 6 week rotation and that would mean me alone training a new dog. But still, we were excited!!

See how excited we are about to leave to meet some dogs!?

So we get to the Buddy Center and saw this super excited little cutie jumping up and down when we walked past. He was certainly the cutest and most happy dog there! So we asked to meet him in a visiting room. This little guy loved us from the start! As soon as he came in the room we got on the floor and played with him. 

He stole our hearts and when the DFL worker asked "is he the one?" we couldn't say no!

First family photo! Leaving the Buddy Center.

Miles has been an amazing dog! We love him very very much! Here's some fun things about Miles:

1. He knows sit, up, down, and lay down but mostly when I'm holding a treat! 
2. He is scared of my toothbrush, hair dryer, and especially the vacuum! 
3. He loves crawling under our bed. 
4. He's pretty much house trained and doesn't have to stay in his crate. 
5. Miles sleeps on my bed with me! Not sure how it's going to work out when Matt gets home! 
6. He loves grass! He'll roll around in it like crazy and it's super cute.
7. Miles will prance through the grass then pounce on all the bugs that go flying! 
8. When playing fetch he brings the ball back and will sit before I through it again. 
9. He's a slow eater and never snaps when we give him treats. 
10. Oh my goodness! Do we love him! 

Life is so much better and we're so happy that we have Miles in our lives! 

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