Friday, May 10, 2013

WOW! I'm gone a few weeks and hit 2,500 views!

First off, sorry for being MIA for a few weeks. Any of my friends on Facebook know what health issues I had and everyone else, well, let's just say I got sick, ok?

I was in the middle of a few blog projects when I got sick. One especially huge blog that was halfway finished and a closet full of craft supplies that have been recently purchased to be put together. Should be a fun summer!

I've also been organizing my Pinterest like crazy and getting a lot of good ideas for crafts and things to take care of this summer. Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest? Ever since making a "Humor" board on Pinterest my life has become so much better! I play on it at night which means I fall asleep in a good mood every day. Who can say that!? Thanks to Pinterest I can most nights.

While I was away whiny and sick I hit 2,500 views!!! How the heck did that happen, people!?! That's insane! I had a challenge at 1,000 views when anyone could comment and I would make whatever blog post they told me to. I wonder what I should do for 2,500. I guess I am 50 views away from 2,500, but close enough to talk about a challenge.

Let's say that I'm so happy that this blog has been as fun, or at least appears to be as fun, to other people as it has been to me. I really love pushing myself to learn new things so I can blog about it. It's made me explore new aspects of my personality. I try new foods, I try new crafts, I explore new ways to do things. It's been fun. Even if no one read my blog I would still love how much I'm learning by doing it.

So, here's my challenge: since my favorite part of the blog is what I'm learning from it everyone give me a challenge! Summer is starting and I'll have a lot of free time on my hands! Not as much free money so don't go nuts like skydiving or something, but help me push my boundaries. For example: I just purchased a pie pan and I've never actually made a pie, crust and all, before and I want to this summer. Things like that. What's something you want to see me try? Read and review? Branch out and experience? Bake? Watch? Anything. I may not do it, but I'll certainly at least post why I'm not! HaHa!

Thanks so much for my 2,500 views!! Seriously! I'm touched more than this post is showing.

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