Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Before" Summer Weight Loss Challenge

Just yesterday I posted a blog about my summer challenges and why I'm doing them. Today I'm posting about my weight loss challenge that I'm starting. My birthday is 4 months from tomorrow and I'm a little tired of the size I am, more than that I'm tired of how unhealthy I am. I'd really like to be at least 25 pounds lighter and I want to follow a workout plan. I made a schedule to work out every single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Even if I don't lose all the weight, if I can still to the schedule and become healthier than I still accomplished something. Here's my schedule I made:

It all fits on one page so there's no skipping or forgetting or anything. I can see where I've been and where I'm going. I have three workouts listed a week and then a weigh-in each weekend. My start weight is 200 pounds. Technically it's 199.something but I figured a nice round number would work better for a nice round person. Get it? Cause I'm a fatty... 

200 pounds is the most I've ever weighed ever and I hate it! I hate it so much! Just today I tried on everything I owed and had to put most my clothes away until I lose weight. My closet consists of about 10 shirts, 5 things I can wear to church, and about 30 t-shirts. That's a good mix for a 27 year old. 

Of course, every weight loss starting program/challenge/anything starts with some "before" shots to compare. Here's my big round pictures. 

The front is deceivingly not as bad. I tried to fight the urge to not suck it all in for a picture like I normally do. 

From the side I look like a pregnant person. This totally looks like a second trimester picture... sad. 

Like I said: I've changed a lot in appearance and I want to look better, but more than that I want to be healthy. I'm going to be focusing on sticking to my schedule more than on the outcomes. My M/W/F workouts are going to be real all-out workouts, and daily I try to do some kind of cardio or push myself a little more than normal. For example today I walked around a cemetery with a friend and after lunch with her we shopped and walked around a shopping center. Than Matt and I went shopping and I walked around a mall for hours. I can't remember the last day I walked this much all day long! It was hours! So I'm counting that as my cardio and pushing myself beyond my normal routine. 

I won't post too much about this in the next 4 months, unless I hit the 25 pounds super early. But I'll let you know how it's going closer to my birthday. Thanks for any support you give! 


  1. Good luck! I haven't managed to lose much weight, but I've managed to maintain through the last few holidays.

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