Thursday, April 11, 2013

There's a new way to spell "winner": McKenzie!

So, remember forever ago when I said I would draw a winner and write a blog on them? I promise that that exact day I did draw a winner, it was fun! See?

These photos have stayed on my computer haunting me as a constant reminder that I haven't written a blog in a week. Enough about me, this blog post is about McKenzie! 

McKenzie and I met almost a year ago... ok, not really close to a year ago but let's round up, here, ok? We became visiting teaching companions at church; which I think is awesome cause I'm not sure how else we would have met. It took us a few months to realize just the extent of the other person's awesomeness, but once we discovered it hangouts started happening! 

She came over before Christmas and I helped her wrap all her Christmas gifts. Not only is this awesome because I love Christmas, but she was the only person to come to my girl's day activity that I cooked a ton of food for, so I'm forever in her debt! HaHa!

We took our friendship to the next level and had a craft day; truly a bonding experience for women! 

Look at our cute lovey wreaths! Not sure if her husband is happy or sad about this because she took off and started making a lot more wreaths! It's a crafting epidemic! 

Let's see... McKenzie is super dorky, loves movies, manages at a movie theater, has two pretty awesome boys, hates getting her picture taken so normally does something weird for the photo (like pretend pick her nose), isn't a super girly girl or likes to shop in herds, but she likes hanging out with friends, she freaking loves breadsticks at Olive Garden, she's from Utah and according to her facebook page she's fluent in Pig Latin, which I think is impressive! 

Yep, fake picking her nose... 
Pretty much, McKenzie is awesome and fun to hang out with! 

Thanks for reading my blog and being the winner of my first 1000 view post!


  1. Yay! Thanks for being an awesome friend! I also love winning things so this is awesome!

    1. i'm not really sure if it should count as winning anything... haha