Monday, April 15, 2013

Breakfast Food Tote

Who doesn't love bacon and eggs? Especially bacon! With the internet right now you can believe that people love bacon a little too much even. So today I'm showing my love for breakfast food!

I have a mini tote that I carry my lunch to work in almost every day. The sad thing is that this tote is a kids meal bag from Subway that I got years ago! Somehow this is still the only bag that I use. It's not even that big so things normally get squished. So I'm happy to say that my new happy face tote will become my new work lunch tote!

This was a very simple, fast, cheap project! Seriously. This is a Dollar Store tote bag and 3 pieces of felt. So under $2. I cut the white and yellow shapes without any patterns, because eggs aren't perfect shaped anyway. And the bacon I cut a wavy piece of felt and with a brown Sharpie added a few lines for the "texture". Then I hot glued the felt pieces onto the bag. It took about 10 minutes for everything. If you want to blog and you don't have the time or money this is the PERFECT project for you!!

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