Wednesday, April 17, 2013

S'more Pops

We love S'mores here! In almost any variety; ice cream, brownies, cake, cookies, bars, candy, everything! I love me some s'mores!

The problem with s'mores is that they are one of the messiest treats ever! Here's a fun way to make them without the mess while eating:

What you do is crush the graham cracker and have it in one bowl. In another bowl, melt chocolate. Use cake pop type sticks and put your marshmallows on there. Then dip them in the melted chocolate first then roll in the graham cracker. I put them in the frig for the chocolate to harden and then store them in a gallon sized ziplock bag. 

These are a very fun way to make s'mores for any type of party platter, but the marshmallow does get a little stale in this form. If you want to have them around your house for a while I'd make them a number of different ways.


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