Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pros of being without Matt

As of today Matt has been gone for seven days. It's been hard and annoying and lonely and a lot of other negative things. Instead of writing a downer post about all the things I miss about Matt, I thought I would try to write pros of him being gone to make it a bit easier. So, here are some pros about Matt being away.

Pro List

1. Doing laundry takes one load and a few minutes to fold.

2. I've made a huge batch of pasta salad twice, which is two more than the last 8 years!

3. I'm watching Doctor Who at night without headphones.

4. I've already had a sleepover with Pancake and I planned another one with a friend. Human, not gerbil.

5. When I clean the house it stays that way. Not saying Matt is messy, I'm saying that no one is home when I'm gone so it stays clean.

6. I don't have to share my candy.

7. I get the whole bed to myself. According to Matt this has always been true.

8. Skyping is kinda fun.

9. Full reign of the TV (Matt would normally play video games).

10. I barely shave, fix my hair, or my makeup. Talk about giving up in a very comfortable way.

Con List

1. No Matt.

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