Monday, July 8, 2013

Crab Pasta Salad

This is my first time making a favorite of my mom's recipes. Growing up this was not only a favorite but I would be so excited when it happened! Just like a few other favorites, I realized how easy it was when I finally made it myself. I took it to a BBQ birthday party and everyone who tried it said it was great! If only they knew how easy it was... Mwahahahaha! Although I am sharing it now so all of you are going to know how easy it is, too. 

One box of pasta shells, cooked and cooled. I didn't cook them way in advance, I just ran cold water over them while I cut other things up. So don't think you have to plan really far in advance for this. Put the pasta in a large bowl and start adding all the fun stuff. Crab, cheese, and green onions. That's it! Add mayonnaise, you can see the consistency  in the photo above. Then sprinkle season salt to taste. 

Word of advice: I made this the day before and by the time I took it to the BBQ the mayo had been absorbed quite a bit. Still tasted good, just didn't stick together as well so it was hard to scoop up. If you make it a day before check on it and add more mayo if you need to. 

1 box pasta shells
2 pounds of imitation crab
1 pound of cubed cheddar cheese
1/2 cup of green onions
Season Salt 

Trust me, this is going to be amazing! Try lining the bowls with large pieces of lettuce from a head of lettuce for a really pretty presentation. That's what my mom used to do. Enjoy! 

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