Sunday, June 2, 2013

Doctor Who Night

Yes, I realize I'm way behind on realizing how much I love Doctor Who, so to make myself feel better I found one person who was a little more behind than I was and I shared the love! Once I was done with the whole first season and moved on I invited a friend over and in 1 night we watched almost half of the season with the Ninth Doctor. We probably could have watched more but it's as if the universe was trying to keep us from watching Doctor Who together. She hit tons of traffic and a few accidents and I had someone stay in Hallmark after close then it took me 40 minutes to take my 5 minute drive home. Crazy! We finally started to watch nearly 2 hours after we wanted to.

Matt was essential to the night by being awesome, for one, and also by bringing us fish and chips for dinner so our night could be themed!

Molly's being living plastic and I'm just excited that I have a plate of food! It was super fun to share the "sickness" and to have someone to argue with about which Doctor we love more, except we already agree! 

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