Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

This past weekend something amazing and terrible and sad and great happened: Matt made cookies! I wanted to make cookies to take to church and after making one flavor, the blueberry chocolate chip, I went to bed with a migraine with plans to wake up early to make another flavor. When I woke up there was a container FULL of white chocolate cranberry cookies! Isn't he a sweetheart?! Here's the terrible part: not only was this his first time to ever make cookies from scratch, he won't give me the recipe, and they are WAY better than mine! Seriously. I took them to church and we brought home only two of his that we fought over and there are over two dozen of mine left over! So, I apologize in advance. There is no recipe here for the magical, wonderful cookies that Matt made. No picture. None left.

I, however, think that blueberry chocolate chip cookies were a unique blend and very good. The flavors were smooth and I enjoy them. Matt, though, still has not even tasted them! I asked him to teach me how to bake cookies and all he did was laugh! Hopefully, maybe, one day in the future, there will be a blog post of Matt teaching me how to make cookies like him. Until then, all I can do is tell you how to make the blueberry chocolate chip cookies:

For these cookies I used my classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. Instead of adding in 2 cups of chips I added in 3/4 cup of mini chocolate chips and 3/4 cup of dried blueberries. Even with "losing" the half a cup there was still plenty of extras in each bite; mini chips spread that way. And blueberries have such a strong taste, I think, that you don't want too many or else you want really taste anything else.

Even though Matt's cookies were better, there is no longer any cookie, recipe, photo, or any other proof left of his cookies to compare. So unless he's willing to repeat the occasion, that makes these cookies special! Enjoy your blueberry chocolate chip cookies and let me know what you think! 

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